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Specialty Styles:

Style Color Malt Hops Body/Flavor Alc% Description
Pale gold to dark brown
Tart to sweet. Fruity like apples
Hops not used.
May be still or carbonated
Technically not beer at all since it's made with apples. Often served as an interesting alternative to grain-based beer.
Chili Beer
Pale golden
Light malty sweetness to balance heat of chilies
Hop bitterness, flavor and aroma are low
Light to medium body
Technically a fruit, chili peppers have found their way into a number of commercial beers
Fruit Beer
Pale with hints of fruit or berry color
Very light, often with high wheat content
Very light
Light body, fruit flavors ranging from subtle to assertive, depending on type and amount of fruit used
Dozens of different fruit beers are brewed in small breweries around the United States today.
Honey Beer
Pale straw to golden
Light, depending on percentage of honey used
Light to medium body, sweetness is generally removed during fermentation but honey character can often be detected in both the aroma and flavor
Honey may be added to any beer to provide a subtle, but distinctive character, an brewers often add it to an American wheat ale. When honey accounts for more than half the sugar in beer, the resulting beverage is called "mead".
Low or No Alcohol Beers
Pale to straw
Low malt sweetness
Hop levels are generally low to medium. Low aroma and flavor.
Light body.
Now offered by many brewers as an alternative for those who wish to limit or avoid alcohol consumption.
Peat-smoked Scottish Ale
Amber to dark brown
Malty with caramel flavors
Bitterness is moderate, hop flavor and aroma low to medium
Medium to full body
Peat-smoked malt, which is used in the production of scotch whiskey, has found favor with many craft brewers.
Amber to brown
Malty with smoke flavor that can be mild and elusive or assertive and nearly overwhelming
Little hope bitterness, no hop flavor or aroma
Medium to full body
This is a classic German beer made with malt that has been smoked over a hardwood fire.
Seasonal or Holiday beer
Amber to brown
Rich, often complex
Hop flavor and aroma often subdued, but may be assertive
Medium to full body
This style typically combines several different "pumpkin pie" spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and allspice to create a unique and complex flavor profile.
Smoked Porter
Brown to black
Rich malt profile with a complex combination of toasted, chocolate-like and smoked flavors
Bitterness is moderate, hop flavor and aroma low to medium
Medium body
This beer has become increasingly popular among American craft brewers. Some brewers use a peat-smoked malt instead of hardwood-smoked malt.
Herb/Spiced Beer
Pale to brown
Light to medium
May contain one or more of the following spices: ginger, coriander, spruce and others
The habit of adding spices to beer goes back as far as for wine and cider. Brewers often experiment with exotic spices with unusual results.
Stone beer
Amber to brown
Malty with caramel flavors
Light hop bitterness, flavor and aroma
Light to medium body, although not made with smoked malts, stone beer has a faintly smoky flavor profile
During brewing, large stones are heated in a wood fire and added directly to the boiling beer. Afterwards, the stones are put in the aging tanks with the beer.

Data adapted from the AHA's Style Guidelines (PDF document)

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