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Passport Club - Tier I

Take a trip around the world! Drink 100 different draft beers from our extensive draft list and you'll receive a personalized 20 oz. dimpled mug from Summits Wayside Taverns® to continue your journey with and a Summits t-shirt.

Passport Club CardIt's easy and fun and we'll add you to our mailing list so you'll know about new beers when they arrive. There is a $2.00 registration fee, but 100% of that is donated to Habitat for Humanity. Isn't that reason enough to join? Besides, you get your very own personalized "Passport Club Card"!

The Passport Club works like this:

1. Tell your server you'd like to join the Passport Club.
2. Fill out the form found in the beer lists at your table.
3. Fork over the two bucks and order a draft.

That's it! Your server will provide your own draft menu on which we'll keep a record of your beer journey. Each time you stop in, just ask for your passport list. We've got just a few other game rules you should know about:

  • You must complete your passport list at a single Summits Wayside Taverns® location. We don't coordinate the lists between locations.

  • We will not exchange a beer just because you don't like it. We do offer $1.29 sample glasses if you'd like to try something first, but they don't count on your passport list.

  • We ID everyone! No exceptions, no excuses, no whiners, no camping, no left turns, and keep off the grass too. It's the law and it's our policy. Your server is only doing his/her job so please be a good sport.

  • HAVE FUN. BRING A FRIEND. DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Thank you for giving us a try!

Passport Club - Tier II

When you've accomplished Tier I of the Passport Club, why not try for Tier II?

Tier II of the Passport Club works just like Tier I, except you travel your way through another 150 different beers that can be ordered from either our draft or bottled beer list, which is even more beers to choose from. But when you complete Tier II, you'll receive a personalized goblet to use at Summits and a Summits Sweatshirt! Rules are the same except we don't offer the $1.29 sampler like we do for draft beers and you must complete Tier I first.

There is no $2.00 registration fee for Tier II.

Passport Club - Tier III

For the Ultimate Beer Connoisseur!

You know how this works by now. To reach this "Summit" of beer expertise, you must have worked your way thru a total of 500 different beers from our draft and bottled beer lists. No place but Summits can you even find 500 different beers! Dedicated beer samplers who achieve this level will be awarded a personalized ceramic and pewter beer stein and a Summits windbreaker.

There is no $2.00 registration fee for Tier III.


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