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Our Menu

At Summits we strive to provide top quality food items made carefully with only the freshest ingredients. All of our food is made to order. We do not pre-cook our food. For our customers this means fresh, hot meals. It also means that it may take a little bit of time to arrive. Our focus is to ensure that you receive the same top quality entree at 12 midnight that you would at 12 noon.

We constantly look for ways to keep our menu exciting and different. We want you to be able to eat differently at Summits than you do anyplace else. We continually try to create a pleasing taste, an appealing presentation, and an unrivaled quality with every meal that we prepare. We even did the research and came up with our signature "Summit's Seasoning". Our taste is so unique we had to create our own seasoned blend to complement it!

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Summits Full Menu (PDF)
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Summits Burger Menu (PDF)

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The same special 23-ingredient blend that is used extensively in our restaurant is now available to our customers for take-out. A great addition to fish, beef, poultry and vegetables. Only $4.99. Ask your server.


In order to maintain our standard of quality, all of our food is prepared to order. Call-in and take-out orders must be taken out. No exceptions. No separate checks.

We I.D. Everyone!

Valid passport, military i.d., or driver's license required for all customers running tabs or drinking alcoholic beverages.

A 17% gratuity will be added to all tables of 7 or more.

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