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Learn more about Sake:

Sake is the national drink from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Its roots can be traced back to ancient times long before the Samurai. First brewed thousands of years ago as a sacred offering to the gods, sake is still used to toast marriages, births, and other special occasions, but the drinking of sake today is not confined to just these moments. A relaxing, natural drink, it is inseparable from the daily life of the Japanese. In joy and in sorrow, on any occasion, Japanese lift their glasses in the classic toast "kampai".

Naturally, for a people whose staple food is rice, rice wine is a natural. Sake is made from rice and water, ingredients found in abundance in Japan. Only the finest rice is used. And the clear stream water from haunting misty highland valleys. The taste is soft and mild yet rich and stimulating. The alcoholic content is about 16% and the drink is low in calories.

There's a new way of thinking about drinking sake. Smoother, easier, lighter than vodka, more enjoyably different than ordinary wine. It's "Rice on Ice"...genuine Gekkeikan Draft sake served chilled or on the rocks. Try the crystal clear, fresh clean taste of the world's most popular sake. Made a natural unpasteurized way to deliver the purest drinking pleasure. It's the start of a new tradition.

The largest selling sake in the world. With 28 million cases sold in 70 countries, it is the largest selling brand in the spirits and wine category. Gekkeikan is a full-bodied sake with a rich nose.

Gekkeikan Deluxe
This version of Gekkeikan is fermented longer than most export sakes and utilizes a high quality rice.

Gekkeikan Horin
This is the "Rolls Royce" of sake. The choicest grains of rice as well as a longer fermentation time contribute to "Horin" as being the ceremonial sake of Japan.

Gekkeikan Silver
This sake is unusual in that it can be served hot or cold. Gekkeikan Silver is bottled in a distinctive round bottle.

Gekkeikan Draft
"Rice on Ice" is the new phenomenon in sake. Non-pasteurized for a smoother taste and served in a distinctive 10.1 oz. bottle. Gekkeikan Draft is a wonderful refresher on a hot summer day.

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